Hello Hackers

Are you serious?

For last few days, my system is irritating me, with the report of you guys trying to break in, and quite a few brute-force, along with other complex attempts. Most of you seem to be from Brazil, but the network is quite distributed, since a few are almost from the other part of globe, Japan, Korea and even Pakistan.

Do you think it is right approach ? It baffles me. It does look that you are a coordinated network, trying to usurp resources – Cryptocurrency ? Probably, else there shouldn’t be such a dedicated network.

Even if you have guessed the user name (I don’t say you have, may be you did, or may be not, but let me assume a few of you did), the password theoretically could have about 60  Quintillion (10^18) combination even if it is just 10 character long and I think the maximum is 16, where it would rise to 44 million septillion (44 x 10^30) – can you practically crack that ?

Is it possible, even if I hadn’t put the lock ? 

I wonder.

I don’t think the password have the click – that old time burglars used to listen with stethoscope – one click when each of the levers of lock match, and just 7 clicks for a seven lever clock would be enough.  But this doesn’t have that advantage (for you).

Then  ?

I would love to know what passwords you are trying, but my watchdog doesn’t inform me of that. He should though, just so that I can change it prematurely, if I find you have reached some 5th or 6th lever. 

Well, Keep trying.

Spam and Scam

All the electrons (and holes) of my Artificial Intelligence and the neurons of Intelligence are getting flooded up by the scams and the Spams. The Spams in most of the cases belong to this area (web logs) and the Scams in my emails.

Fortunately for me, I have filters in the AI which keeps the Spams and Scams away in separate quarantine. But that is passing on the buck. It simply means that my electrons and time are too precious and I don’t want to misuse them. You use your time and brain and take the call.


Taking the call here is easy. If you just look at the headers and header details. The language matter isn’t important and in many cases it would be same with minor difference “Excellent piece and I am going to recommend to all the people in my social group”

Naturally my Ego reaches the peak of Everest by those few simple lines. But unfortunately it doesn’t since I know it is a spam, probably (why probably, certainly) with a back-link. Identification is easy and doesn’t require more than a few steps.

  1. The name is a clear indication of the intention, e.g. “furniture sales”.
  2. The hosting server or the linking website www.furnituresales.com . BTW that name is created just as an example. I don’t know whether it exists or not. If it does, my apologies for misusing it.
  3. The person’s name. It obviously can’t be Mr/Ms Furniture Sales. But it shouldn’t be asdfg@google (or hotmail, or any such).com either.
  4. The persons keys in the website (page or post), moves directly to comment post at the end, posts comment and gets out of it; all within less than a minute (live traffic log). Unless it is  word processor (non-human) it certainly can’t read through a few thousand words in that time and post ‘appropriate’ comment. It punctures my balloon (the appreciation being misplaced), but I have to accept that.
  5. Some are of course very clear (SEO- on which I am not interested) or traffic increasing (not interested, I am satisfied with low or even no traffic).
  6. Some are very interesting, for example that exhorting to boycott american women. I wonder what they have against those poor girls. Probably nothing, and these are white-slave websites.

I have put a small filter program, which would remove the back-links (i.e. even I unspam these messages, they would be visible as plain text without click-able links. But still I take them out of the spam into permanent delete, every time I visit the website.

So My dear Spammers don’t bother to waste time here. Unless I am very sure that it isn’t spam, I won’t keep that, even if that means I end up deleting a few genuine, but the sin for that would befall on you. This would be of course very rare, due to my multilevel logical segregation.

Amazon : you are quite active in trying to promote here, but you are in my black-list, due to most unprofessional and customer-inimical way of business, so even had I by error or deliberately accepted spams, it won’t be from you.


These are quite funny, and only a few different models exist.

  1. I am a girl (usually 18) of Ivory Coast. My father was (very corrupted) businessman/ politician (and hence rightly) was poisoned by his brothers. However he knew what was coming, so has put (The amount varies between USD5 million to USD 15 million) in a bank in my name. However I can’t touch the money, only someone else can and that someone else is you. Take me to your home (I am 18, and in some cases I declare I am virgin) be my guardian and share my money (that is actually probably secondary, considering the other factors). Only variants in this story are the Name and the amount.
  2. I am a widow of a (again corrupted) politicians/ businessman. He (too) was killed by his rivals (most of them in a coup), or even may be natural death. Now I have been diagnosed to have cancer and am going to live for only another few months (maximum 6 months, but usually 3). I want all my estate worth (again millions of dollars, between 5 and 15) to be used for Charity and poor/ orphan care. I want you to head a trust towards this end, and ensure that the purpose is served. In return I will give you 20% of it. 
  3. The jackpots – you have won $-million dollars. Please contact with details.
  4. Business deals: I am a purchase manager of a company and procuring certain raw material from your country (and raising invoices around ten times that cost). Now I have been promoted, and the new person might catch my lies. So I want to give your name as the sole supplier (in the world?) of that item. You must tell him the price is $… / gram. I will give you 20 (or 40)% of the profit. The company is such a stupid one that they don’t bother to know market prices, which can be googled and found?  
  5. This one is really good and I assume it was easy to fall for this one. It really seemed genuine. A University of London had selected me to confer Hon Doctorate. For which I have to attend the convocation and seminar at Dubai (and naturally shell out few green-bucks as registration fee). It all looks above board. I checked the website, the university exists. As per the website it is in London, UK – not the French, Ontario, Chile, or any of the half Dozen US. Even the telephone number in the letter corresponds to the official telephone number mentioned in its home page. The online booking and payment is at the official site portal. Even the inviting person (whose signature is affixed in the letter) is there in the website! But there were a few problems. First of course was, I racked my brain till I lost half my hairs and developed a strong migraine, but failed to find a single criteria by which I could be selected for this coveted award (except may be stupidity, which they have presumed). I even shot an email to the said university (the sarcasm was lost on them) asking for specific criteria for shortlisting. Probably they would have convinced me by saying IQ should be less than 75, but unfortunately they didn’t. They did respond to it, and justified in prose – Rigorous selection process, alumni, peer and blah blah blah. The second hint was of course a giveaway. The University is at Place X, the Seminar is at Place Y, why the letter should originate from Place Z – and a very notorious one too? It’s domination in the field of Scamming in the world is much more than even that of Hale-Rafael in Roland Garros or Fit-Bolt in the sprint and that’s despite Boko haram. Or is it due to it? These scam incomes are being used to fund them, this one routed through UK? I wonder.

I wonder, are people stupid enough to fall for these?

Move Over (temporarily)

The attack pattern on this website is very interesting. The Russians after almost a week of persistent attempt have stopped. Of course they haven’t lost heart or accepted defeat, of that I am very sure.

And that isn’t guess, but past experience. The attempts goes on in cycle, and that indicates that these people are moving in close co-ordination with each other, like an unending relay race.

First say Russians take over and make their best attempt to break in. If they are unsuccessful, the next weak they pass on the baton to the USA and except sporadic attempts it is their territory for the duration. But they are given only a week to make the breakthrough. If they can’t then for the next week, the cap is on the head of Ukraine and then (and sometimes together) Turkey.  Once they successfully break in and deface the site I don’t know it would be on whose charge (to manage the site) or maybe they would again take turns.

This is exactly what happened as I saw during the last few weeks, even before I gave the welcome message to the Russians. After the attempts by them, last week belonged to the USA and now, atleast for, I can see both Ukraine and Turkey topping in the attempts.

This is one area I can say these people are with a total universal brother-hood. There are no so called national boundaries, nationalistic one-man-ship. They are collaborating despite being from the countries that are supposed to be on unspeakable terms, at least when they speak of each other, (they rarely do to each other) they use the epithets that are unspeakable.

Their approach gives some idea on the mindset of the people too.

The Americans are brazen and well, I should doubt their intelligence ala “Where Angels fear to tread” or may be they are in their smug universe and don’t care. Either way they belong to the same level of mental faculty.  Their attempts have been as numerous as the Russians but from a very limited number of IP addresses (In fact the most notorious, as far as I could see were from and (both in third digit, per day). 

Compare this with Russians, in their week the attempts are from hundreds of IP addresses, and that were diverse too. They have used not only many IP addresses, but many different blocks as well as service providers too. That way, they pre-empt the potential victims from making complaints at the abuse@. After all how many abuse complaints can one make? Each particular IP address makes around say 50 to 60 attempts and then asks the next one to take over. That they work in close cooperation is quite clear since while one IP is trying, the others keep silent in most of the cases, and only after this has stopped the other start. 

The Ukraine and Turkey fall somewhere in between. In fact in their allocated time, even their number of attempts too are quite low, almost negligible, compared to US and Russians. These are the people who work in same IP Address ranges, though not necessarily same IP Address. 

Let me meanwhile enjoy and watch their attempts (till it is the time they enjoy and then probably I won’t even be able to watch).


The Russians are Coming !

This is a real Red Letter Day in the history of this blog. Suddenly there is a flood of enquiry (about the username and password) and they are flooding like Tatar Hordes.  Till date there had never been more than a hundred such enquiries, and recently that too had become a trickle (around 10-20 per day). Today suddenly I find that number has grown many folds to already around 400, and rising fast, like the water level of a flash flood or should I say Tsunami (the resemblance to it is more)?

Most of these enquiries are from the Tatar-Red zone (Turkey, Ukraine, Russia). Of these three, two, The Ukraine and Turkey had been regular visitors to log-n, xmlrphp and lost-password screens, but suddenly today I find that the Russians have entered the fray, and that too with a vengeance. Of the four hundred odd, more than half are them.

Are they confused that this is one of the Trump’s or CIA sites? I wonder! Otherwise why they should work in such a close co-ordination trying to break in? Every person (or their bot) makes an attempt till the site is blocked for too many wrong attempts, and then it passes on the baton to another one to start from where it left (exactly like a relay race).

They are quite smart too, since the attempts are not limited to a particular network or service provider. This must be to make sure that the intended target isn’t able to black-list or block a particular network/ IP range.

Smart, aren’t they? The efforts should have been a bit more seamless. I wonder why the attempts are separated by a couple of minutes? After A is stopped, B doesn’t take over immediately, but after a small hiatus (usually of about 2-3 minutes. Most of the attempts are of course brute force, but a few (obviously  who consider themselves smarter) are going through lost-password recovery method. I wonder how would they overcome the multi-factor authentication. They have of course guessed the username (most of them are attempting with it). But that would be the easy one, the least of the hurdle 🙂 For the next step, first they have to guess the length of the password,


Jacob Julius Garfinkle (John Garfield)
First Generation Russian Jewish Immigrant
Actor (Broadway, Hollywood)

March 4, 1913  –  21 May 1952  (Aged 39 Years)
Cause Of Death : Heart Failure (As documented)

Leonard Lionel Cornelius Canegata (Canada Lee)
First Generation Caribbean Immigrant
Actor (Broadway, Hollywood)
March 3, 1907 – 9th May , 1952 (aged 45)
Cause Of Death : Heart Failure (As documented)

Marguerita Maria Christians (Mady Christians)
Austrian (Moved to USA at the age of 18)
Actor (Broadway, Hollywood)
19th January, 1892 –  28th October 28, 1951 (Age 59)
Cause Of Death : Stroke (As documented)

Joseph Edward Bromberg
Romanian (Moved to USA at the age of 5)
Actor (Broadway, Hollywood)
25th December, 1903  – 6th December 6, 1951 (aged 47)
Cause Of Death : Heart Failure (As documented)

Are these mere coincidences? Considering that all these were called by the Famous (!) HUAC in the 1951 and were on FBI Radar for their suspected links to the communists? At least one of them are directly in the list prepared by Elia Kazan and Clifford Odets (who conspired among themselves to name each other and another common seven) and others were guilty by close association.

We could recall that a promising director of twenties, Thomas Harper Ince too died of heart failure. Only the failure of the heart was (it is whispered) to have been aided by a bullet. In that case though it was by mistake, the poor man wasn’t the intended recipient of it, he was at the wrong time at the wrong place for the right bullet. In these cases of course these were right people, at the right time for the right bullets. This was the time when the whole nation was phobic to the extent of being terrorised with anything to do with ‘C’ letter or red colour. It wasn’t only there, around at that time similar persecution took place at the opposite side of globe, in Bengal too, under the stewardship of similar people at helm.

There are no dearth of such “Heart failures” or “Strokes” or even Nephritis (Ted Healy) which had nothing to do with Beer and Brassica oleracea that he might have had on the restaurant. If one cares to look around, there were so many natural deaths happening in Hollywood. Thelma Todd (accidentally locking herself in car and dieing of CO poisoning), Virginia Rappe (peritonitis)…. they were all medically natural deaths, nothing to be suspicious about, that’s what the police, court and the medical fraternity told.

Of course I am sceptical about all these so called proofs, and am one who might not even believe his own eyes. For example the Healy case.  Some of the witnesses had said that he was very violent and would pick up fights at every pretext.  Whereas some witnesses had said, to explain to his leaving his widow penniless (even unable to pay her and her newborn’s hospital bills), it was due to his spendthrift ness. That was not only on himself. He had put his friends, who were without work, in hotels, non-seedy ones, and their tabs were to be forwarded to him. These same friends, after his death, to help the widow, arranged a charity dinner, which was well attended, and the proceeds of which, at least the widow claimed (and I obviously believe her, despite my otherwise scepticism) she didn’t see a penny of. Now these types of ‘friends’, obviously could say whatever the court wants to listen, especially when it, both the court and the witness’ were encouraged by sufficient lubricants (courtesy one of the largest production house’s boss).

Then there is the infamous haymarket affair, where some clearly non-major elements were sent to chair, by manipulating not only judges, but also pre selecting juries who would send them to chair, or the Virginia double murder case, another clear travesty of justice.

I have seen a funny technical verdict (on IPR Violation), which being from my area of knowledge is ludicrous (it was from an American High court), interestingly the same case, when taken up in India, got a proper verdict. I know it would be taken in which sense, so let me hastily (and correctly) add that the American High-court said it wasn’t an IPR violation. The ground on which it reached the conclusion is something which any one knowing the subject (may be class 12 physics and chemistry in Indian Curriculum) would laugh at. The Indian Court didn’t give me the chance to smile wryly at it. Second clarification, I was an interested party but not one of the combatants. They were two of my suppliers, and the clause of supply was that it has to be with clear IPR rights (in case there are), so I (at that time from the procurement cell) was following the case.

There are many such cases to show that the travesty of justice exists everywhere, it is how much gold is to be taken out of the vault to get a favourable verdict varies from place to place.

In this case these deaths could of course be natural. All that strain that FBI people and the committee member had taken, at least a part of it might have rubbed on to their victims too. The committee members survived, since their numbers made the venom dilute on them. We have to note that of the listed all didn’t die, only few did. Some escaped (like Charlie Chaplin), some stayed and went into crash-diet for some time, before they got some bit parts in Broadway. May be these people were weaker, or they were selected to be made an example of, as a warning to others.

It could be like Alexander Litvinenko or Kim Jong-Nam. With the machinery in right hands these too could have been heart/attack or stroke. Unfortunately they died in enemy country, where even heart-attack/ stroke could be proved to be poisoning. Of course in these cases it was supposed to be actual.

But in my case, four at the same time (within about six months)? It just rankles.

Though this might look to be communist manifesto, but I am not communist. In fact I am quite colourless (Black? may be, after all I try to assimilate whatever I can, and the attitude above does show the ‘noir’ in me). I believe all men (or women) are not equal, and shouldn’t be treated as such either. The inequality of course isn’t by birth, race or creed, but by nature.

Just today’s news shows that in one of the premier tests (JEE- the admission tests for the premier Engineering colleges), for the first time in history a boy got cent percent (600/600) marks. This boy is from the so called deprived caste (which we call a Dalit), which was told in the last sentence (which didn’t have any merit- the sentence, not the boy), that the boy was highest ranked among the candidates of the Scheduled Caste communities. Now one who is highest rank overall with a record can be anything else?  The father isn’t a rich man, from a mid-middle income group, a compounder in a hospital.

A flash in the pan? May be, after all exceptions prove the rule. But if there are more than one exceptions? Will the rule of “caste” superiority stand? What if his elder brother is studying medicine in AIIMS (it is several times more difficult to get an admission into it). With both the siblings at this level of excellence, the rule becomes obsolete.

Those who are not privileged, either naturally or financially, need a minimum subsistence, even if it is more than they deserve, if they are shedding enough sweat. A minimum amount to survive. We have to remember that their progenies could be one of the above. Einstein’s father wasn’t a nobel-able scientist, nor his son was.

People with need, whatever type of need it may be, need to be listened and sympathetically considered. We need not agree or give way to the demands, but listening is paramount, with a clear body language that we are ready to consider if justified, and should strive to do so too (not only act, but action too is necessary). Communism may not have a place in human society, but socialism has, where society has to adopt these persons. But we don’t listen, they think we are not sympathetic.  We start prosecuting them (as in the above cases, and much earlier, infamous Haymarket Incident, a joke on justice system) and then the heart-burn spreads into other types of fire.

Hits And Misses

For quite some time, I have been keeping lot of musings on semi-cooked (draft State) unable (due to lethargy) to get them properly chewed up. In fact I haven’t been putting them out  to regurgitate, leave alone swallowing them (not in, but out). 

Meanwhile I am of course been on the site once in a while to check of the 100s of pages already placed, whether any useful remarks are appended, which need response (of course since there are no readers, I don’t really expect them to be there, so the visits too are infrequent). More of the visit is really to keep a watch on the hackers.  Of course I can’t do anything if they do hack, but still, I can keep my breath and sigh a relief of their lack of success, as on date. Of course how many days they would fail to achieve, and then push in a trojan, is conjectural. 

As one who loves statistics, I took a sample of the visitors on a particular day (24 Hours), to see who stands where, In a 24 Hours period, the statistics is, of the 155 Odd visitors, 

Confirmed Bots : 15
Site says bot, but by visit and arrival pattern, Quite a few should be human) – 50
Trying to Log In (no of permitted attempts) –  48
Spammers (Advertise: Post/ Link) – 20
Confirmed Hackers, the dangerous ones  – 8
Actual Human Visitors – 14 

(Not Number of hits, but visitors, though need not be unique visitor, for example the confirmed hackers usually make some 30-40 attempts consecutively before desisting, those are count as 1, whereas the log-in attempters make only 3 attempts- the limiting mis-attempts permitted, and that too is count as 1). 

In addition there are some other patterns, some known reason, some unknown.

For example, 

  • The spammers (who wants me to write for them) are all, without exception, from the Trumped country.
  • The Log-In triers – are spread out all over, however most of them are from the Asian Countries (China, Pakistan, Saudi, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Singapore, Japan,… and quite often from India too).
  • The Bots, including the strange ones, whom the site tells that they are bots though they have only one view at a site and then exiting, are also spread over. These strange bots are also hovering over pages for quite a few minutes, so I doubt whether they actually are bots. But most of these are from The Trumped and The May-Dayers, who won’t have much interest in the topic.
  • The Reds (hackers) are of course the one I should be most worried about- and they are red. Mostly from three countries, Ukraine, France and the latest arrival, Turkey, with a few sprigs, once in awhile, from Holland, Latvia etc. probably as a garnish. Sending feed-back to their abuse@ link doesn’t help, since they continue unmolested (or may be they are un-molestable).

Anyway I am not worried, till they break in. And after they do, unless they use it for subversion, who bothers.


No material in this blog is under copyright, by me. Anyone can copy, extract, do whatever they want, except sue for misinformation, which might creep in. The information as far as possible had been kept factual, and thorough checking with multiple sources. But there might be cases where the multiple sources were all wrong (for example recently Mr Deshmukh pointed about Kanu Roy). Now whether you check IMDb or Wiki or even the biographies of Kanu Roy, almost everywhere the two person had been merged into one and  then made related (sibling) to legendary Geeta Dutt. Similar confusion is there between Asit Sen and Asit Sen- the actor and director).So any one who is ready to take that risk of error, are welcome to extract anything, with the standard statutory warning “At your own risk” 

I have tried not to violate the copyrights anywhere. The commentary of course is mine, so it is nonviolence. The only source of semi violence is in screen-caps. Technically it is a violence since my DVD / VCD mentions “No part of this …” hence I should suppose the screen shots too violate the copyright, but I am risking that much infringement assuming that the Copyright-owners didn’t mean to go to this level when they printed the warning. All other, songs etc anyway is through links to youtube, so they would be handled by Youtube (I assume). 

Some of the songs and lyrics (especially of Rabindra Sangeet) are taken from the original, typed in one of the transliterators. Since it is out of copyright, In this area I am sure there is no violation. There is a beautiful transliterator I found in changathi (dot) com. Prefixing the language name, say hindi [.] changathi [.] com, as I type the phonetics in Roman alphabet, it transliterate in the respective language alphabets. It also gives option of various feasible words to select from, which match these roman combination. In bengali of course it gives some problem once in a while, especially in those complicated double-consonants (e.g. প্রস্ফুটিত the ‘s’ and ‘ph’ are kept separate which shouldn’t have been). Of the english translation of the lyrics I take credit (or discredit), since in most of the translations I came across, I found more of literal translation and not the sensual (i.e. the sense that I felt the poet wanted to express).

This I am posting in view of queries, whether genuine or not in various mails. 

You may extract, copy word by word, if you want give credit, go ahead if you don’t want don’t. I am blogging for own sake, not for footfalls, nor counting them. Looking at the hacking attempts, at the moment they might be trying just for the sake of fun, but if the footfalls increase the serious and professional hackers would get interested. That this amateur won’t be in a position to handle.

I know I could build in securities or use a third party to maintain including anti-hacking but they are not really worth it, for me. So while it is un-hacked, let me enjoy by writing whatever I feel like. Whether someone reads it or not, I won’t know and hence won’t care. 


This is a website with a minimal footfall. And that is deliberate, if some one chances upon I can’t stop that, else I am not going to try to make it popular. At least I don’t have intention to.

Why should I?  This is not a commercial venture, I am neither trying to advertise my product or any others. 

Now in that condition it becomes surprising and of course a bit irritating, when I have to clean my mailbox, by moving all of them, trying to sell from Dysfunctional drugs to fashion accessories to even porn.  

Don’t they have some better sites where at least some footfall is there? May be they would get some hits from there? 

I can understand the SEO and also the theme sellers trying to motivate me, that’s afterall their job (though not my interest). 

An interesting gang are the hackers. Why were there around 170 odd hacking attempts (failed log in) ? I always assumed they try to hack the government or NGO websites, not a website that is unfrequented or unknown, what has gone wrong with them? These people range from Ukraine, quite a few from Germany, and even Brazil. None of these people should be even remotely interested in the subject or considering the location probably are not even those ‘ideological’ trying to piggy-ride it. It frankly baffles me. 

Around (or from College Anne Frank – Roubaix – France)12 Failed Log inin about 2 hours plus : don’t have anything better to do than hacking?.
IP Tracker shows the not so glorious OVH-SAS as the provider. And interestingly hacking attempts continue (another similar number on two consecutive days). The date and the time baffles me. The failed attempts were on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday (today’s attempt yet to start). In that case Monday weekly holiday? That’s odd. 

Even the timings are a bit interesting: Sunday 14:00 to 16:00; Tuesday 16:30 to 18:30, Wednesday 6:30 to 8:30.  Clearly off the office hours either before or after. But why not before and after on the same day? Why only one series of attempts with a few lock outs per day? 



This is a day celebrated almost Pan India. Surprisingly this year it is being celebrated today, on 22nd October in almost whole of India, but where I am, in Kerala it would be tomorrow, 23rd October. Though I said surprisingly, but may be I shouldn’t be too surprised.  Almost all the festivals, which traditionally are lunar based, have a day difference between Kerala and rest of India.

But here it is a bit different. I have seen is in Kerala preceding rest of India by one day, but in this case the Rest of India leads Kerala by one.

Today being a day before Dussera, it is celebrated in most of the Southern India as Ayudha Puja, the day dedicated to the Audha, arms. May be in old times, and even now in defence services, the people pray to the Goddess, with all the tanks, rifles and missiles decorated to be blessed by her. Of course the carriers of arms would be included in her blessings.

But in our life, the Industries, the blessing goes to our arms, the machines, the tools, fork-lifters, cranes and even things like Verniers and micrometers. 

This in northern part, at least in Bengal is done on the Viswakarma Puja, on the Bhadra Sankranti (around mid september) this year as far as I remember it was on 18th September, but not being there not too sure of it. Viswakarma being the engineer of the divines, the prayers at factories on that day makes sense. 

On the other hand, if  I go by myths, then this day (Mahanavami), after nine days of prayer, the Goddess finally succumbed to Rama’s entreaties and blessed him, with divine power and arms, with which he could finally kill Ravana. In that case the worship of the tools of mass (or individual) destruction and not the tools of construction (which is Viswakarma, the Engineer’s forte) makes sense.

Even this Ayudha Puja seems to be done in different manners in different parts.

In Andhra Pradesh and I assume in Karnataka too, this Ayudha Puja is done with the image of the Astabhuja (eight armed) Devi with Tiger as her carrier, the classic Jagaddhatri form, not the Lion Riding, ten armed (Dasa Bhuja) Mahishashura Mardini form. 

Interestingly here I found that the deity being worshipped is Saraswati, and no doubt of it, Shwetambari Veenapani on Lotus. After the rituals I asked and found that here it is the local tradition. Saraswati is the deity in-charge of knowledge, fina arts and I can extend that to crafts too. But will the industrial crafts too fall under her empire? The people here thinks so, and in democracy, majority is right. The discourse was in Malayalam, which I am yet to pick up except some scatterings, enough to get the sense. But the strotras were in Sanskrit, and strangely it was not Saraswati Vandana but Durgastuti. So it was a mix-up of two forms.  

After the traditional Puja was over the cocunut breakin, which is a common tradition in whole of south, took place, and there again a difference glared at me. Usually we hold the coconut and in a hand and hit it at the corner of a stone (kept for the purpose) to break it. If you are an expert, you should be able to break it neatly into two halves in a single hit. The inequality of the halves, the number of pieces, number of strokes, all add to your own ego-demerit points. 

Here too I followed the practice and broke the coconut into multiple pieces (not cleanly). Though in a single strike, but I had to pry open the two pieces through the crack, a major minus point, though not as major as others.

I was the first so I didn’t know the local procedure, in fact couldn’t have imagined it, and was surprised when the next person came with his coconut. He banged the coconut on the stone like a bomb,  and exactly like a bomb made it break into sharpnels (not dangerous of course). It would require quite a bit of force to hurl a coconut and break it like that, I doubt whether I have it. I doubt had I tried it it would have bounced like cricket ball, may be a deformed, cracked at the seams, but still roundish  single piece. So it was lucky that I followed usual (other place) traditional method.

After this of course something to do with Saraswati took place, again something new for me. It may be it is a local (may be even limited to this organisation) custom. A few children of the employees who had scored well in the Class 10 and 12 exams were given a small memento and a cash reward. This was good, especially if it is used to encourage the children to excel. I wonder had it happened last year? Last time in Dussera I had taken a leave and gone home to my village, in Bengal. Probably they had postponed (not the festivities, but the award) and I remember this award ceremony to take place during one of the annual functions.

And then as I have almost always found in Kerala, the feeling was of communal inclusiveness. This is a day here, as well as elsewhere, we encourage the family to join and come to factory (not for work of course, to celebrate along with their near and dear). There were girls (and women) in Burqua who stood through the ceremony, took the “Prasad” and ytou won’t find any sort of disharmony. Girls of course I could make out (because of Burqa), but men? Unless you know, you won’t. In fact my first bite of the Prasad came when the IUML (rather its the affiliated Trade union) President  shared his packet with me. My packet obviously came up later. 

The dawn

The words like unashamed, unabashed has a negative connotation. On first glance it looks like the subject is about which I should otherwise be ashamed of, but I am stressing that I am not.

Similarly the fans – are they fleeting? Do the fans remain permanent or do they change their allegiance with time?

As far as I am considered, I am neither. I am a self proclaimed adorer of Nutan Behl nee Samarth. The greatest, for me, actress Bollywood has produced. I would like to have my strictly personal views on her, others as well as frequently other subjects.

But as the name I have chosen, it would be mainly on her, though frequently I would be moving off topic,

The blogging has been forced on me (almost) by Yves of letstalkaboutbollywood.com The another avowed adorer of the star. where after lot of mutual discussion and also may be clash of ideas I though of starting myself. Though influenced by yves, I would try to not copy/ plagiarize from the blog or others.

I wanted to start it three days from now, Nutan’s 79th birthday. However being pure novice into blogging I decided not to risk it and start early.