1978- Kasturi- Thoughts

When I ruminate on these movies some thoughts strike on repetitive views and then also maybe things are stored in subconscious which come out later. Like the cattle’s cud coming out of rumen for chewing.

I will keep on adding here as I find something else to reflect upon. The movie is very profound, not only touching upon human psychology when exposed to “Stimuli” as Nutan tells her student, but also the philosophy of life itself. 


When Prashant comes in search of Kasturi for the first time and tells I had been searching for it everywhere, and now it is found, and that too in our neighborhood

Atish says “The Kasturi is like the proverbial, Kasturi (Deer Musk). Like the deer does, we keep on searching it everywhere, whereas it lies in our ‘Paas.”

This “Paas”, in hindi could mean in our vicinity as well as within/ with us too.

What does the Kasturi signifies here? It could be God, it could be love, it could be anything unsullied.


In the end when Mithun is leaving, dejected at the things happening he says “How could Basuk allow all these things happening. I don’t understand what he wants.

Mangala (Sulabha) replies “Didn’t you understand till date? He wants what we want

What was meant by this? I could treat it as an atheist, that the rules are manmade. Formed for the convenience of the people. That is when we take the “We” as the conscious of us. This way our wishes, we pass on as His command and manipulate masses. Doesn’t a lot of those fake godmen and religious fanatics do that?

But if we take the “We” as the subconscious or the conscience of us then, we believe that God is inside every one of us, in form of that. So what our deep conscience dictates are actually His commands. Like the whole of the movie these opposite interpretations can be arrived at. I believe that it is the second interpretation that the author tried to impress upon. Since it is the Chief priest of the Basuk asking the question. That means he believed what he was doing was his command, and so Samaru may be a blind believer, but not a manipulative Godman.

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