The dawn

The words like unashamed, unabashed has a negative connotation. On first glance it looks like the subject is about which I should otherwise be ashamed of, but I am stressing that I am not.

Similarly the fans – are they fleeting? Do the fans remain permanent or do they change their allegiance with time?

As far as I am considered, I am neither. I am a self proclaimed adorer of Nutan Behl nee Samarth. The greatest, for me, actress Bollywood has produced. I would like to have my strictly personal views on her, others as well as frequently other subjects.

But as the name I have chosen, it would be mainly on her, though frequently I would be moving off topic,

The blogging has been forced on me (almost) by Yves of The another avowed adorer of the star. where after lot of mutual discussion and also may be clash of ideas I though of starting myself. Though influenced by yves, I would try to not copy/ plagiarize from the blog or others.

I wanted to start it three days from now, Nutan’s 79th birthday. However being pure novice into blogging I decided not to risk it and start early.