The dawn

The words like unashamed, unabashed has a negative connotation. On first glance it looks like the subject is about which I should otherwise be ashamed of, but I am stressing that I am not.

Similarly the fans – are they fleeting? Do the fans remain permanent or do they change their allegiance with time?

As far as I am considered, I am neither. I am a self proclaimed adorer of Nutan Behl nee Samarth. The greatest, for me, actress Bollywood has produced. I would like to have my strictly personal views on her, others as well as frequently other subjects.

But as the name I have chosen, it would be mainly on her, though frequently I would be moving off topic,

The blogging has been forced on me (almost) by Yves of The another avowed adorer of the star. where after lot of mutual discussion and also may be clash of ideas I though of starting myself. Though influenced by yves, I would try to not copy/ plagiarize from the blog or others.

I wanted to start it three days from now, Nutan’s 79th birthday. However being pure novice into blogging I decided not to risk it and start early.

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Technocrat, now with age have reached corporate management cadre. Love reading and quite a bit of movies. But both these are limited to slow and enjoyable - wine (which includes obviously technical) and dislike or rather hate the current- whiskey.

3 thoughts on “The dawn”

  1. Dear Sbasu,
    Well! What a nice surprise to be here! I think you could definitely make this blog public, because anyway, you know that you won’t get all that many aficionados of the Lady herself. Now of course, if among your relatives and friends there are some people who would like to read what you write, that’s different! It could make a difference.
    About the book, I have sent you the address of the translator. You inquire whether the e-version has the photographs: alas, no. On the other hand, there’s an interview of Gautam about Nutan which you’ll find interesting to read, on top of the one at CinePlot. So you see yes, I had heard about him, and when I discovered his existence in the CinePlot section, I researched a little about him and realized how important he’d been.
    Good luck with this blog then!

  2. Thanks Yves,
    Yes I will try to make it public. I have to ask the wordpress people how to make it. There is a nice girl there who had been spoon-feeding me to set it up initially. After that I did a few days of tinkering around, mainly trying to create the menu for thoughts. Still posting is a bit difficult. And unfortunately the editor seems to be a bit weak, to be polite.
    Doesn’t have much of fonts on the dash board. May be of course forced through the html editor. I would have loved to watermark the work pages. Anyway thats how it is.

  3. Hi

    I stumbled across this blog while searching for some more information on Nutan’s earlier films. I’m also a die-hard Nutan fan and had a website in her memory back in 1996. I was fortunate enough to be in touch with her son Mohnish at the time who supplied a lot of material. Unfortunately I lost the site after that and also got busy with University and never had a chance to resurrect it. I still have the source files. I would love to get in touch with you and share what I have. Many Thanks.

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