This is a website with a minimal footfall. And that is deliberate, if some one chances upon I can’t stop that, else I am not going to try to make it popular. At least I don’t have intention to.

Why should I?  This is not a commercial venture, I am neither trying to advertise my product or any others. 

Now in that condition it becomes surprising and of course a bit irritating, when I have to clean my mailbox, by moving all of them, trying to sell from Dysfunctional drugs to fashion accessories to even porn.  

Don’t they have some better sites where at least some footfall is there? May be they would get some hits from there? 

I can understand the SEO and also the theme sellers trying to motivate me, that’s afterall their job (though not my interest). 

An interesting gang are the hackers. Why were there around 170 odd hacking attempts (failed log in) ? I always assumed they try to hack the government or NGO websites, not a website that is unfrequented or unknown, what has gone wrong with them? These people range from Ukraine, quite a few from Germany, and even Brazil. None of these people should be even remotely interested in the subject or considering the location probably are not even those ‘ideological’ trying to piggy-ride it. It frankly baffles me. 

Around (or from College Anne Frank – Roubaix – France)12 Failed Log inin about 2 hours plus : don’t have anything better to do than hacking?.
IP Tracker shows the not so glorious OVH-SAS as the provider. And interestingly hacking attempts continue (another similar number on two consecutive days). The date and the time baffles me. The failed attempts were on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday (today’s attempt yet to start). In that case Monday weekly holiday? That’s odd. 

Even the timings are a bit interesting: Sunday 14:00 to 16:00; Tuesday 16:30 to 18:30, Wednesday 6:30 to 8:30.  Clearly off the office hours either before or after. But why not before and after on the same day? Why only one series of attempts with a few lock outs per day? 


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