No material in this blog is under copyright, by me. Anyone can copy, extract, do whatever they want, except sue for misinformation, which might creep in. The information as far as possible had been kept factual, and thorough checking with multiple sources. But there might be cases where the multiple sources were all wrong (for example recently Mr Deshmukh pointed about Kanu Roy). Now whether you check IMDb or Wiki or even the biographies of Kanu Roy, almost everywhere the two person had been merged into one and  then made related (sibling) to legendary Geeta Dutt. Similar confusion is there between Asit Sen and Asit Sen- the actor and director).So any one who is ready to take that risk of error, are welcome to extract anything, with the standard statutory warning “At your own risk” 

I have tried not to violate the copyrights anywhere. The commentary of course is mine, so it is nonviolence. The only source of semi violence is in screen-caps. Technically it is a violence since my DVD / VCD mentions “No part of this …” hence I should suppose the screen shots too violate the copyright, but I am risking that much infringement assuming that the Copyright-owners didn’t mean to go to this level when they printed the warning. All other, songs etc anyway is through links to youtube, so they would be handled by Youtube (I assume). 

Some of the songs and lyrics (especially of Rabindra Sangeet) are taken from the original, typed in one of the transliterators. Since it is out of copyright, In this area I am sure there is no violation. There is a beautiful transliterator I found in changathi (dot) com. Prefixing the language name, say hindi [.] changathi [.] com, as I type the phonetics in Roman alphabet, it transliterate in the respective language alphabets. It also gives option of various feasible words to select from, which match these roman combination. In bengali of course it gives some problem once in a while, especially in those complicated double-consonants (e.g. প্রস্ফুটিত the ‘s’ and ‘ph’ are kept separate which shouldn’t have been). Of the english translation of the lyrics I take credit (or discredit), since in most of the translations I came across, I found more of literal translation and not the sensual (i.e. the sense that I felt the poet wanted to express).

This I am posting in view of queries, whether genuine or not in various mails. 

You may extract, copy word by word, if you want give credit, go ahead if you don’t want don’t. I am blogging for own sake, not for footfalls, nor counting them. Looking at the hacking attempts, at the moment they might be trying just for the sake of fun, but if the footfalls increase the serious and professional hackers would get interested. That this amateur won’t be in a position to handle.

I know I could build in securities or use a third party to maintain including anti-hacking but they are not really worth it, for me. So while it is un-hacked, let me enjoy by writing whatever I feel like. Whether someone reads it or not, I won’t know and hence won’t care.