Hits And Misses

For quite some time, I have been keeping lot of musings on semi-cooked (draft State) unable (due to lethargy) to get them properly chewed up. In fact I haven’t been putting them out  to regurgitate, leave alone swallowing them (not in, but out). 

Meanwhile I am of course been on the site once in a while to check of the 100s of pages already placed, whether any useful remarks are appended, which need response (of course since there are no readers, I don’t really expect them to be there, so the visits too are infrequent). More of the visit is really to keep a watch on the hackers.  Of course I can’t do anything if they do hack, but still, I can keep my breath and sigh a relief of their lack of success, as on date. Of course how many days they would fail to achieve, and then push in a trojan, is conjectural. 

As one who loves statistics, I took a sample of the visitors on a particular day (24 Hours), to see who stands where, In a 24 Hours period, the statistics is, of the 155 Odd visitors, 

Confirmed Bots : 15
Site says bot, but by visit and arrival pattern, Quite a few should be human) – 50
Trying to Log In (no of permitted attempts) –  48
Spammers (Advertise: Post/ Link) – 20
Confirmed Hackers, the dangerous ones  – 8
Actual Human Visitors – 14 

(Not Number of hits, but visitors, though need not be unique visitor, for example the confirmed hackers usually make some 30-40 attempts consecutively before desisting, those are count as 1, whereas the log-in attempters make only 3 attempts- the limiting mis-attempts permitted, and that too is count as 1). 

In addition there are some other patterns, some known reason, some unknown.

For example, 

  • The spammers (who wants me to write for them) are all, without exception, from the Trumped country.
  • The Log-In triers – are spread out all over, however most of them are from the Asian Countries (China, Pakistan, Saudi, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Singapore, Japan,… and quite often from India too).
  • The Bots, including the strange ones, whom the site tells that they are bots though they have only one view at a site and then exiting, are also spread over. These strange bots are also hovering over pages for quite a few minutes, so I doubt whether they actually are bots. But most of these are from The Trumped and The May-Dayers, who won’t have much interest in the topic.
  • The Reds (hackers) are of course the one I should be most worried about- and they are red. Mostly from three countries, Ukraine, France and the latest arrival, Turkey, with a few sprigs, once in awhile, from Holland, Latvia etc. probably as a garnish. Sending feed-back to their abuse@ link doesn’t help, since they continue unmolested (or may be they are un-molestable).

Anyway I am not worried, till they break in. And after they do, unless they use it for subversion, who bothers.