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All the electrons (and holes) of my Artificial Intelligence and the neurons of Intelligence are getting flooded up by the scams and the Spams. The Spams in most of the cases belong to this area (web logs) and the Scams in my emails.

Fortunately for me, I have filters in the AI which keeps the Spams and Scams away in separate quarantine. But that is passing on the buck. It simply means that my electrons and time are too precious and I don’t want to misuse them. You use your time and brain and take the call.


Taking the call here is easy. If you just look at the headers and header details. The language matter isn’t important and in many cases it would be same with minor difference “Excellent piece and I am going to recommend to all the people in my social group”

Naturally my Ego reaches the peak of Everest by those few simple lines. But unfortunately it doesn’t since I know it is a spam, probably (why probably, certainly) with a back-link. Identification is easy and doesn’t require more than a few steps.

  1. The name is a clear indication of the intention, e.g. “furniture sales”.
  2. The hosting server or the linking website . BTW that name is created just as an example. I don’t know whether it exists or not. If it does, my apologies for misusing it.
  3. The person’s name. It obviously can’t be Mr/Ms Furniture Sales. But it shouldn’t be asdfg@google (or hotmail, or any such).com either.
  4. The persons keys in the website (page or post), moves directly to comment post at the end, posts comment and gets out of it; all within less than a minute (live traffic log). Unless it is  word processor (non-human) it certainly can’t read through a few thousand words in that time and post ‘appropriate’ comment. It punctures my balloon (the appreciation being misplaced), but I have to accept that.
  5. Some are of course very clear (SEO- on which I am not interested) or traffic increasing (not interested, I am satisfied with low or even no traffic).
  6. Some are very interesting, for example that exhorting to boycott american women. I wonder what they have against those poor girls. Probably nothing, and these are white-slave websites.

I have put a small filter program, which would remove the back-links (i.e. even I unspam these messages, they would be visible as plain text without click-able links. But still I take them out of the spam into permanent delete, every time I visit the website.

So My dear Spammers don’t bother to waste time here. Unless I am very sure that it isn’t spam, I won’t keep that, even if that means I end up deleting a few genuine, but the sin for that would befall on you. This would be of course very rare, due to my multilevel logical segregation.

Amazon : you are quite active in trying to promote here, but you are in my black-list, due to most unprofessional and customer-inimical way of business, so even had I by error or deliberately accepted spams, it won’t be from you.


These are quite funny, and only a few different models exist.

  1. I am a girl (usually 18) of Ivory Coast. My father was (very corrupted) businessman/ politician (and hence rightly) was poisoned by his brothers. However he knew what was coming, so has put (The amount varies between USD5 million to USD 15 million) in a bank in my name. However I can’t touch the money, only someone else can and that someone else is you. Take me to your home (I am 18, and in some cases I declare I am virgin) be my guardian and share my money (that is actually probably secondary, considering the other factors). Only variants in this story are the Name and the amount.
  2. I am a widow of a (again corrupted) politicians/ businessman. He (too) was killed by his rivals (most of them in a coup), or even may be natural death. Now I have been diagnosed to have cancer and am going to live for only another few months (maximum 6 months, but usually 3). I want all my estate worth (again millions of dollars, between 5 and 15) to be used for Charity and poor/ orphan care. I want you to head a trust towards this end, and ensure that the purpose is served. In return I will give you 20% of it. 
  3. The jackpots – you have won $-million dollars. Please contact with details.
  4. Business deals: I am a purchase manager of a company and procuring certain raw material from your country (and raising invoices around ten times that cost). Now I have been promoted, and the new person might catch my lies. So I want to give your name as the sole supplier (in the world?) of that item. You must tell him the price is $… / gram. I will give you 20 (or 40)% of the profit. The company is such a stupid one that they don’t bother to know market prices, which can be googled and found?  
  5. This one is really good and I assume it was easy to fall for this one. It really seemed genuine. A University of London had selected me to confer Hon Doctorate. For which I have to attend the convocation and seminar at Dubai (and naturally shell out few green-bucks as registration fee). It all looks above board. I checked the website, the university exists. As per the website it is in London, UK – not the French, Ontario, Chile, or any of the half Dozen US. Even the telephone number in the letter corresponds to the official telephone number mentioned in its home page. The online booking and payment is at the official site portal. Even the inviting person (whose signature is affixed in the letter) is there in the website! But there were a few problems. First of course was, I racked my brain till I lost half my hairs and developed a strong migraine, but failed to find a single criteria by which I could be selected for this coveted award (except may be stupidity, which they have presumed). I even shot an email to the said university (the sarcasm was lost on them) asking for specific criteria for shortlisting. Probably they would have convinced me by saying IQ should be less than 75, but unfortunately they didn’t. They did respond to it, and justified in prose – Rigorous selection process, alumni, peer and blah blah blah. The second hint was of course a giveaway. The University is at Place X, the Seminar is at Place Y, why the letter should originate from Place Z – and a very notorious one too? It’s domination in the field of Scamming in the world is much more than even that of Hale-Rafael in Roland Garros or Fit-Bolt in the sprint and that’s despite Boko haram. Or is it due to it? These scam incomes are being used to fund them, this one routed through UK? I wonder.

I wonder, are people stupid enough to fall for these?

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