Hello Hackers

Are you serious?

For last few days, my system is irritating me, with the report of you guys trying to break in, and quite a few brute-force, along with other complex attempts. Most of you seem to be from Brazil, but the network is quite distributed, since a few are almost from the other part of globe, Japan, Korea and even Pakistan.

Do you think it is right approach ? It baffles me. It does look that you are a coordinated network, trying to usurp resources – Cryptocurrency ? Probably, else there shouldn’t be such a dedicated network.

Even if you have guessed the user name (I don’t say you have, may be you did, or may be not, but let me assume a few of you did), the password theoretically could have about 60  Quintillion (10^18) combination even if it is just 10 character long and I think the maximum is 16, where it would rise to 44 million septillion (44 x 10^30) – can you practically crack that ?

Is it possible, even if I hadn’t put the lock ? 

I wonder.

I don’t think the password have the click – that old time burglars used to listen with stethoscope – one click when each of the levers of lock match, and just 7 clicks for a seven lever clock would be enough.  But this doesn’t have that advantage (for you).

Then  ?

I would love to know what passwords you are trying, but my watchdog doesn’t inform me of that. He should though, just so that I can change it prematurely, if I find you have reached some 5th or 6th lever. 

Well, Keep trying.

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