Drolling away

This is where I will put up most absurd thoughts. Most of these are likely to question my sanity. But the web having provided me with anonymity, probably none will be able to identify and put me in asylums, where I may (as lot of others might and in fact do think) or may not belong to (probably only I, or an extreme small group might think so).


Sitting peacefully and getting blessed by a person less than half my age, a song wafted in my ears, played on a radio nearby.  It made me to deeply meditate.

I am in an area in Kerala where Hindi is next to not understood by any, irrespective of caste creed and community. But the song was in Hindi and hence it was something which could penetrate my skull. Malayalam only hovers on the surface of it. The song was not religious and in fact quite far away from it. The link to Him could be only made with the imagination stretched to its limit, but still it made me meditate. 

Let me clarify, I was in a barber shop and the boy’s hand was on my head, though not exactly for the purpose of blessing, but with the load removed from the head and occasional massage I felt in peace and blessed. He is one of the large group of people who at one time might have been migrant, but now more or less settled here, and he is from UP, so the song was naturally in the channel that plays Hindi songs. 

The song went like “Mera ek sapna hai, dekhoon tumhe sapnon mein” – I have a dream, that I see you in dreams, needs a real stretch of imagination to be called a religious one. One never gets to see Him in real or in dreams. At the very extreme, one may only feel the presence. But here I was sitting peacefully and only source of distraction was the song, and the wording made me think of the circumstances, under which this song could be sung i.e. the words would suit the situation.

After deep meditation I could figure out only two. It was after considering the obvious, that since it was his wish, it meant that he wasn’t as on the date on that particular state. 

  • First was it was the first meet and love in first sight, or something very near to it. At least it was the first strike of the cupid’s arrow on his heart. Like in Jo Jeeta wahi Sikandar, when one fine morning suddenly Amir Khan realises that he was in love with Ayesha Jhulka and not Pooja Bedi;  or in Teen Deviyan, where Dev Anand realises similar thing, about similar girl, a childhood friend, Nanda. Any old affair, even a few days, of course would have made him singe some sort of “Kaun hai jo sapnon mein aya” or “Koi Mere Sapnon mein aya” or “Mere sapnon ki rani kab..”  But the past of these songs is the future of this song that wafted in my ears. It clearly meant that the protagonist is futuristic, having no, or at least obliterating his past.
  • The second situation under which this song could be sung may be exactly opposite. In this case the situation had reached the extreme. Now the wandering into the dreams have either long back stopped, or never took place. It is the time for the wedding. As the chimes of wedding bells near and then cross the chimes of the clock, the dreams that never were, or had stopped restart. The characters remain same but the characters change. The protagonists remain same, but their manners and characteristics in the dreams (as well as the real life) change. The colourful pattern in the sky indicating where  the pot of the gold lay suddenly changes itself into a dark female horse.  The search for honey ends up with sting of bees.