I am Bad

I did warn you,

In MJ words “Gonna hurt your mind
You know I’m bad, I’m bad – you know it, really, really bad” 

For these I personally won’t recommend that even the free dinner would suffice, may be along with a few bottles uncorked and a din, so that the TV plays in background with no one watching.  The movie is just an excuse for the parents (and wife), for the revelry. I don’t really see any other reason why one would like to watch these. 

Highly predictable, either highly regressive or otherwise, but more importantly quite immaturely conceptualised. In most of these it may be better to keep a tab on the director and tread carefully whenever the name is encountered in the jacket. Most of these had not a bad, or an unknown, star cast, Uttam Suchitra Combo can’t be called a bad one, with Chhabi, Pahadi, Chhaya on the sides. So it isn’t enough to go by that part.

There may be strong message (like in Pathik) , but it is  a lost one. So the existence finally didn’t matter.

  1. Angeekar (1966) Rural to Urban, Over-ambition drama – Bikash Roy, Manju Dey, Asim Kumar
  2. Badsha (1963) Drama: Criminal and ChildKali Bannerjee
  3. Baluchari (1968) – Family : Meghe Dhaka Tara Concept Sabitri, Anil, Anup, Lily
  4. Chithhii ( 1973)  – RomanceSamit Bhanja, Sandhya Roy
  5. Har Mana Har (1972) Romance, Triangle Uttam, Suchitra
  6. Jibanmaran (1938) Rich-Poor, Triangle – K L Saigal, Leela Desai, Bhanu
  7. Mahanisha (1956) – Romance, Family – Bikash Roy, Sandhya Rani, Anubha Gupta.
  8. Mantrashakti (1958) Family, RegressiveUttam, Sandhya Rani.
  9. Raater Rajanigandha (1973)Orphan heiress on run, Romance – Uttam, Aparna.
  10. Raja Saja (1960) Simpleton made heir, manipulation Uttam, Sabitri, Bikash, Tarun
  11. Rajkumari (1970) Romance, Class ConflictUttam, Tanuja, Chhaya, Pahadi
  12. Sabar Uparey (1955) – Miscarriage of Justice, Romance – Uttam, Suchitra, Kamal, Jayashri Sen
  13. Shapmochan (1955)Superstition, RomanceUttam, Suchitra.
  14. Pathik (1953)Social , Socialist Shombhu Mitra, Monica Ganguly, Tripti Mitra
  15. Prashna (1955)  – Drama, Romance Prabir Kumar, Arundhati, Chhabi, Dilip 
  16. Rupasi (1970) – Romance – Samit Bhanja, Sandhya Roy