Alias why don’t I believe in any news, even if it is in print media.

Recently I had been across the country, from deep north to deep south. In the airport, I picked up a couple of papers, one from the starting point, the capital (I will call that North)and one from the end point (obviously South portion of India).

Both of them are the top news papers, one claims to be the #1 of nation in terms of circulation, and the other, though can’t do that, so claims to be at least #1 of South India.

The first one used to be strong pro congress, but recently it looks to have become a bit balanced. It can’t really get rid of the “Secular” credentials, but the situations warrant that it has to be a bit circumspect. The southern of course from the very beginning had been a “Commie” paper, and didn’t really need to change its red tinge, since the zone never left the tinge, so its circulation is ensured.

While reading the news of course one could easily get the tilt of the newspapers the way the news are worded. And that makes one feel funny (and lose faith). The lack of faith makes me to keep these items. Some of course are highly tragic, but still I will keep them, just to show how these tragedies are handled by the papers to make them juicy, not the least bothered about facts. Some of them, of course again courtesy the news, have a great reflections on the maturity of their bosses, the politicians.  I have to keep this dynamic, and will keep on adding the juicy bits (only juice, no matter) as I come across. of course to get the juice out, probably I have to again wait, to get the same news out of two papers of different zonal editions.


is the heading in north paper.  Short matter, a woman, Lalita, 27, was set ablaze by 10 people by pouring kerosene on her, when she objected to the road widening, near her agricultural field (probably encroaching on that).  

Somewhere in the middle of the long report, it comes out, that the accused were no where nearby, the woman had been seen to be carrying the cans with her, and probably self immolated (as per the witnesses). Her brother was in fact operating a construction machine for the road work, and instead of saving her, took the video and uploaded on the social media! The prime accused was the one, who called police and ambulance. But to get to this matter you have to read the whole report, if you read first few para and last few, you would miss it. 

Alright this news at least somewhere in between has tried to bring the fact out. What about my commie friend? 

This is news doesn’t have any hidden agenda in between. It is very clear that the girl was burn alive by the accused (same as above), the girl has become 20 and she was protesting over cutting trees! “Rajasthan Girl Burn Alive when she protested over cutting of trees”  Obviously this would bring out additional sympathies from the Greens. 

Which one to believe? How much? (The incident is in North)


Opposition hits out at Government for snooping and scaring people:

This was due to the bill linking the Unified Adhaar to the tax returns (PAN Number). Why that would matter, I don’t know (I am tax payee, and not only my PAN, but my all bank accounts too are linked to Adhaar, and that too for quite some time, I didn’t bother for the government to make it mandatory. I don’t have anything to hide, so how does it matter to me? 

The ex-minister (now opposition) said “It amounts to snooping on people’s lives” he further added – incidentally he is a senior, one of the senior-most, lawyers in Supreme court “He termed the government directive on Adhaar a violation of Supreme Court Directives” 

This supreme court lawyer probably isn’t aware of what the same Supreme court said, this (North) newspaper reports:

Government can make Adhaar must for opening Bank Accounts… and later in the report, “Why can’t Gov’t insist on Adhaar for I-T Returns?” the Chief Justice (and other justices of the bench) wondered.

Supreme Court, though seemingly disagreeing to Government has actually fully agreed.  That is because, all government benefits are now getting digital, and through bank. Adhaar, as per court, is mandatory for bank. In other words, Adhaar is mandatory to get the various benefits. Probably all missed this part. Politicians, both ruling and opposition obviously, but court too? 

Commie paper is of course quite strong in its voice, as per SC, and this paper “Can’t force Adhaar foa availing welfare schemes. Use in IT, bank Account purposes is fine”  Obviously it also missing the fine prints and rather gloating over, what it though is government losing the case “The court has made it clear that the government was not free to…” 


 It’s a welfare state, meant to protect all without causing harm to none. ?