Not really Bad

Faded Yellow Belt

These are the averages. One can do without, but if you watch for free, then you shouldn’t really complain. Not much of message or things to think of. Stories are more or less highly predictable. Some, at some places might even bore a bit, but since it is free, have a go.

Don’t look much for logical and predictable behavior. I said the story is predictable, not the behaviour (i.e. how a person under normal circumstances is expected to behave)

If there is a romance, it would be quite sweet romance so one could just sit and watch. A few (Like Bhanu Pelo) despite good theme and subject, loses track and gets boring quite often, forcing me to downgrade it a step.  

  1. Amrita Kumbher Sandhaney (1982)(Musings) – Psycho, Travelogue – Shubhendu and many. 
  2. Anand Ashram (1977) – Social – Uttam, Ashok, Sharmila, rakesh, Mousumi, Asit Sen, Utpal.- comparative with Doctor (1940)
  3. Anindita (1972) Drama Mousumi, Shubhendu, Dipti Ray
  4. Basanta Bilap (1973) – Comedy: Gender war – Soumitra, Aparna
  5. Bhanu Pelo Lottery (1958) Comedy, Satire – Bhanu, Jahar
  6. Boisakhi Megh (1981)Freedom, Revolution Utpal, Madhabi, … ?
  7. Charmurti(1978) – Children’s Comedy: Adventure, detective – Chinmoy Roy. 
  8. Ghatkali(1979)Comedy, Romance – Mahua, partho, Chhabi
  9. Mere Apne (1971) Pink, Social, Student Movement – Meena Kumari, Vinod Khanna, Shatrughna Sinha – comparative with Aponjan
  10. Miss Priyambada – Comedy – Bhanu, Deepika das, Tarun, Lily, Haridhan
  11. Momer Alo (1964) Psycho-study, romance – Uttam, Sabitri
  12. Pushpadhanu (1959) Social, Romance – Uttam, Arundhati
  13. Raikamal (1955) Social, Romance, poignant – Uttam, Kaberi, Sabitri
  14. Tasher Ghar (1957) Prince and the pauper – Uttam,Sabitri,Sabita
  15. Upohar (1955) Drama, Romance – Sabitri, Uttam, Manju