Pyramid of Hearts.

All of us have seen a lot of love triangles, and may even be some quadrangles too, no not two by two, but one by four (for example Teen Deviyan, with another extra Devi introduced). Pati with four Patnis or Pati, Patni and three ‘Woh’ s.

Wah did any one say? Not if you are in his position, it would be ‘Ooooh’. 

But I have found another strange quadrangle. If I talk of a movie like Teen Devian, which of the three Devi’s is vamp in it? None of them are really in a negative role. If I go in proper geometry, in a regular square pyramid, the four base corners are technically not differentiable.  


Let me refresh a bit of geometry. Most do know, but then one might always be ready to look at things in a different manner. 

A Pyramid is a three dimensional shape (at least this is known) with a polynomial (triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon,….) as its base which may or may not be regular (i.e. all arms and included angles equal), though to be pleasing to eye, I would prefer that. The most famous one, the one from which in fact it has got its name (Egyptian), has its base as square

All these corners (nodes) on the base are connected to another point somewhere above (usually, but could be below in reverse pyramid) the plain on which the base lies.


I wish I could say something new, but how to, of something which is physically more that four and half thousands years old and that means mathematically must be at least five millennium old. 

But let me look at it from another angle, The tip of the pyramid is the one who is in some other plain. In other words, it means that physically or in some other way, it is different from the others. 

This different one is related to all the others directly. But that’s not true for anyone other than it.

The  points on the base are related (linked) to only three other points, the one on top and two more, of the same base. This link could be one of affinity or opposite. Usually it would be of affinity with the one on top, and of opposite with persons in the same station. How many times have we see that happening in office, class rooms or any other place where there is one boss/ professor and many subordinates/ students? But sometime they could change colours when they gang up against an unrelated base-person, the one who becomes suspiciously close/favourite of the boss/ professor. 


Now don’t say that you have thought of it in this lines. I know you haven’t so read on, there are some more interesting things about pyramids.

If I am a base point, there are others who are opposite of me, with whom I don’t have nor want to have any direct link. I may be base, but there could be some more basic than me! 

I might not have any direct contact with them, but I need to know what they are doing. For that I have my own grape vine. The best would be the one on top, who has relation with all of us, but if he isn’t that co-operative and biased, there are gossip columns. There would be some who have link with me as well as my adversary, direct or through some other intermediary. So even if the person on top doesn’t co-operate in this matter, still I will get the information that I need. There could be some trouble in this manner. It could be exaggerated, or the path through which information arrives at me, there could be a reverse flow of information to the other side too. But who bothers, as far as I get a hint of what the others are doing, that is OK by me. 

Interesting? There is more. When we look at the personal interactions, the faces, it is always triangle. Two on one plain having with the one on the other plain. That’s all we can see, the other complex interactions, between those on the base, are hidden and hence not visible to the observer. Though I am not colouring the arms, the drawing I did in Word, probably had I tried paint it would have been easier, the best tool, the ACAD isn’t at the moment available for me to do all this.


The top doesn’t tilt towards one and leans away from others. If it does, then probably the other three, to exact revenge on him and her, will try to generate cracks. I could also call it Taj Mahal, the symbol of love, with the four minarets on four corners, the effect would be still the same, if the monument tries to lean on one of the minarets.

If he does (the leaning), we know he would then further lean towards his favourite, the tie with the other three anchors cracked/ weakened. But what would be the end result? The poor chap (tip) would sooner or later fall flat on his face towards and on his favourite, in the process destroying her along with him, while the other three make merry.


If there is one of him and there are four of them, it isn’t possible (except in stories) to keep all of them equally happy. You really can’t avoid playing favourite towards one, or even if you don’t, there is more than a mere possibility that they, each of the four, would think you are. 

The best way would be to play favourite, but before the matters gets cracking, change your favourite. The sweet-heart becomes eye-sore, or at least a matter of relative indifference, while someone else becomes sweet-heart. 

Isn’t it what always happens if you maintain a harem. The latest addition becomes favourite replacing her immediate senior. What is so strange about it? 

Nothing really, but if it forms a complete circle? That there comes an instant when the senior again becomes favourite and junior eyesore? 

When I talk of movies, the villain need not only be Gabbar Singh. I would also count Sambha and Kaalia in the list of bad-boys. Similarly by associating with Loin (Ajit was never Lion), Mona Darling too have become a bad-girl (Vamp). I don’t think it is an improper suggestion.

Another small concession I will take. In three of the bondings, the hero is same. In the fourth, that person is not the actor, but he is the producer of the movie (so in turn he is the one who had decided who is bad and who is good). 

With that in mind now look at the tip – Guru Dutt what is he doing with his four,

While he is stalking his favourite, Shyama, across all the terrains,

He is keeping a discrete (near) distance from Shakila.

But after some time, the person (as producer) would change favourites and let Shakila be wooed by the hero, before she is cracked up – with anger and jealousy,

There has to be one of them who is not too happy with all this, and who is that? Probably the censored song “Jaata Kahaan hai deewaney..” was filmed on her ? Is she the reason why Guru Dutt didn’t take the hero role, unwilling to make her his villain (Vamp)?

The drink sometimes results in strange things, some corrective, but most of the time opposite. Our policeman (CID) has became thirsty (Pyasa), and hence the lens in his eyes are a bit clouded and he might change the leg on which he leaned till then. There is some silver-lining too, the hero, Guru Dutt, had come out of the chair and joined the floor. Not too strange, considering that now the ex-bad girl, whom he didn’t want to make one, at least his, is the Bangaru Thalli (good-girl) again.

Who did he make a bad girl? One who had been going astray (Gumraah) once in a while, 

and both are here together with individual intentions clear, one crying out, through actions “I am Bad I am Bad”.

And now to make the circle complete, his first good girl, Shyama must become bad, 

and our Lady- Killer (she was agreeable, at least accessory to, in getting him killed, in the end scene), Mala, is now a dedicated and suffering wife, “Bahurani”- of course that doesn’t mean she is a silently suffering one. She might silently suffer her husband (being dedicated, Pativrata), but won’t suffer others making her husband suffer. 

I assume I could get some more such combinations. It would have been perfect had Guru left the chair and policed in CID (BTW the circles are deliberately made with respective shades of grey).


I could do a minor change, replacing Guru with Guru Dev, or one node with two small ones at the top, but due to the important link Guru had even in that one situation, I didn’t think it too critical and instead soliloquised “Ashwathamah hatah…”