Where did they go?

While watching the movies I have observed some excellent and equally under-exploited actors. While finding the reason some were anyway traceable on net, with complete life history, and the situations justify their desertion.

Kaberi Bose – self imposed – marriage and retirement.

Chitra Mondal –   The movie was the side-business, main was probably stage and dances. Anyway with the lack of glamour coefficient, except the top notch none would have given her the roles the deserved and would have been typecast as sister or sister in law.

Anil Chatterjee – is a unfortunate case with such an immense talent, as well as looks, somehow he was moved to a not-first role.

Kajal Gupta (Sandhya Chatterjee Gupta)– Another unfortunately extremely underutilised actor. She had rarely acted outside her husband’s movies. Probably she had, like Kaberi, concentrated more on “Ghare” than “Bairey”.  The daughter, Sonali of course was brought in and pushed by the father, Dinen (a la Kumar Gaurav, Rajendrakumar, or Pooja Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt), so her disappearance  and settling into domesticity wasn’t too unexpected.   

But there are some strangely disappearing from web but remarkable personalities. 

Pronoti Ghoshthe most I could see from the web (that also since someone had commented in a blog of some other topic, where her name turned up), that she had married to Abhi Bhattacharya, then retired, and then (at the time of the comment) both were no more. Of course I don’t want to clean their linen, but it seems sad that a (more than) talented actress with good looks simply starved the silver? IMDb lists only 13 and I would add another, probably her second movie, Kapal Kundala (1952), where she had essayed the title role, and was a bit more than impressive. Interestingly, as I have mentioned elsewhere she had a facial similarity (in my eyes) with another good, pretty and low-score actress Kaberi Basu (again with only around a dozen count). Kaberi the web is quite clear about, including the complete biography, but Pronoti?    

Krishna Bose – I can see only two movies of her, Golpo Holeo Satti – Tapan Sinha’s 1966 movie where she had been the young, romancing girl and then Pratidwandi, 1970 of Satyajit, as the protagonist’s sister.  With the director’s names associated, and she was pretty, what happened to her? Two movies four years apart. In first one probably in real life too she would have been in school. Seems to be a conservative background, yielded only, once each, to TS and SR. 

Ayan BannerjeeWith a debut in Shriman Prithviraj, he seems to be limited only on Tarun Majumdar’s productions. Of course this movie was a tailor made for him. May be his talents were not multifaceted and hence couldn’t succeed ? His first two movies were big hits SP of 1973 and then Dadar Kirti – seven years after in 1980.  Probably for him too acting was a hobby?